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Cleaners are required to undertake the following duties as directed by the Supervising Officer, using the prescribed methods and frequencies in line with the requirements of the cleaning specification.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Emptying waste bins or similar receptacles, transporting waste material to designated collection points.
  • Sweeping floors with brushes or dust control mops.
  • Mopping floors with wet or damp mops.
  • Suction cleaning carpeted areas and “spot” cleaning carpets.
  • Using electrically powered scrubbing and polishing machines to burnish, scrub, polish and spray clean floors (after receiving proper instruction and training).
  • Using electrically powered pick up machines.
  • To dust, damp wipe, wash or polish furniture, ledges, window sills, external surfaces of cupboards, radiators, shelves and fitments.
  • To replenish consumable items (soap, toilet rolls, paper towels) if required within the contract.
  • To clean toilets, urinals, hand basins, sinks, baths, showers and drinking fountains.
  • The use of chemical agents as directed by the Supervising Officer in the discharge of cleaning operations or maintenance procedures, after receiving proper instructions and training.
  • To undertake wall washing or inside window pane cleaning to a height no greater than body height plus an arm’s extension from floor level, during periodic cleaning maintenance programmes.
  • Cleaners employed in domestic science areas are required to clean cookers and work surface areas.
  • To carry out any other reasonable duties within the overall function of the job. Cleaners are to report to the caretaker or cleaner in charge any factors that are likely to affect his/her work which they consider that the caretaker or cleaner in charge should be aware. Cleaners are not required to carry out any duties outside the contract which could include:
    • The security of the premises.
    • Porterage of anything other than items of cleaning equipment, mops, vacuum cleaners, buckets of solution etc.
    • Maintenance or operation of heating plant.
    • Cleaning whereby it is necessary to use steps or ladders.
    • Cleaning office machinery or equipment.
    • Cleaning workshop machinery or equipment.
    • Cleaning laboratory apparatus, chemical containers or sink disposal units. This work is the responsibility of laboratory technicians.
    • Cleaning teaching aids, models or displays.
    • Washing or cleaning crockery, glasses etc. used by teaching and support staffs.
    • Cleaning the interiors of cupboards.

Nothing in the above shall prevent a cleaner, by mutual agreement, from undertaking in a temporary capacity as a caretaker or cleaner in charge provided that he/she is paid at the appropriate rate, whereon, the full duties relating to the post will have to be carried out.

The location of cleaning areas may need to be changed to meet the needs of the establishment.

Cleaners can be required to work alone or in teams. Cleaners are not necessarily appointed to a specific location with the establishment.

All staff are expected to be courteous to colleagues and students and provide a welcoming environment to parents and other visitors

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