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Shipper and Receiver


  • Receive, log, count, inspect, and double check all incoming shipments
  • Report damage, discrepancies, shortages, or unknown items upon receipt to supervisor
  • Follow procedures for completing receiving logs, packing slips, and receiving worksheets
  • Complete receiving process and put away stock by end of each day


  • Prepare product for shipping using appropriate packaging and ensuring the product is protected against damage.
  • Prepare appropriate shipping documentation and schedule courier pick-up.

Stocking Shelves

  • Restock pick/pack shelves using first-in/first-out procedures
  • Check expiry dates and tidy inventory on pick shelves to ensure oldest

stock used first

  • Assemble kits for stock as directed
  • Pick, pack and label bulk orders as directed

Cleaning and Tidying

  • Collect, break down, and recycle cardboard
  • Sweep floors daily and keep free of trash and debris
  • Mop floors as required, and mop spills immediately especially in high

traffic areas

  • Empty trash and recycling bins and replace bags as required
  • Follow workstation and hand sanitization procedures

Other Duties

  • Demonstrate reliable attendance and punctuality
  • Meet basic business expectations
  • Wear appropriate safety footwear while on duty
  • Follow Company policies and procedures
  • Participate in evening, weekend, vacation, and holiday coverage
  • Participate in year-end inventory
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Description

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